Duterte signs law providing free technical-vocational education

Duterte signs law providing free technical-vocational education

Duterte signed a law that pursues free access to technical-vocational education to qualified beneficiaries, as the government intends to manage the problem of job-skills mismatch. The President signed Republic Act 11230 or the “Tulong Trabaho [Work-Assist] Act” on Feb. 22.

The law, which also creates the Philippine Labor Force Competencies Competitiveness Program, purposed to reinforce the qualifications of the Filipino workforce “to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving workplaces and work structures.”

Under the new law, “Tulong-Trabaho [Work Assistance] Fund” shall be organized. Enabling qualified individuals’ access to technical-vocational education and training under the programs identified by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Admission to the Tulong-Trabaho Fund shall be made accessible to any unemployed of at least 15 years of age, and not in education and not in training, or employed workers who plan to develop and expand their skills and training capabilities. Current workers in enterprise-based companies or industries presently trained by their employers shall be omitted from the law’s coverage.

TESDA-recognized industry organizations by seeking funding for training programs has to submit a list of trainees who have wished assistance from the Tulong-Trabaho Fund to TESDA regional directors. They shall then evaluate the applicants and propose a list of competent recipients to the TESDA Director General for approval.

The recipient industry boards have to guarantee that at least 80 percent of the beneficiaries are able to complete the Philippine Technical-Vocational Education and Training Competency Assessment and Certification System.

Failure over the passing rate shall subject the school or training center to performance review and audit by the TESDA Board.

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