Duterte: No need to issue executive order on vaping ban

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President Rodrigo Duterte said Friday that he no longer had to issue an executive order to support his verbal ban on the use and importation of e-cigarettes by the public since it was already covered by the law.

An incensed Duterte explained that e-cigarettes are already covered by a law regulating the use of nicotine products. He did not, however, mention the specific law. I don’t have to issue an executive order. Duterte said at the inauguration of a coal plant in Maasin, Sarangani, in a speech. If you use public smoking, there’s nicotine. And so you’re still violating the law in vaping with other chemical combustion there because it contains nicotine, he said.

He most likely applied to the 2003 Tobacco Prohibition Act, which prohibits public places smoking cigarettes. Duterte explained the matter as he admitted being “pissed” with the Philippines Integrated Bar (IBP), claiming that anyone could challenge the verbal order of the president in court.

The chief executive said earlier that an executive order would be issued on his ban as he compared vaping to smoking tobacco cigarettes that he had previously banned nationally. In the absence of a written order endorsing his suspension, Duterte warned court judges not to intervene as he sought to protect the welfare of the people. The e-cigarette makes it worse. There are chemicals added to nicotine that we don’t know about. And I’m not about to let the Philippine youth get sick and die, said Duterte last Wednesday.

Duterte warns the judiciary against interfering with vaping ban Duterte warning judges about vaping ban ‘ send false signals ‘: law dean As for his ban on e-cigarette imports, Duterte said he could do so under the Philippines Consumer Act.

Why am I ordering its confiscation? Because it is powerful for consumers and under the Consumer Protection Act, if the product we import is excluded from the place where it was made, then it is also not automatically good and it should be by common sense if it is not permitted in Vermont, California, he said.

If there, where it was made or created, the thing is not legal, then it can not be legal, he explained.

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