Duterte names CA Justice Amy Javier as new SC Associate Justice

Duterte names CA Justice Amy Javier as new SC Associate Justice

Justice Amy Javier of the Court of Appeals is a new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (SC), Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea stated. She exchanged SC Associate Justice Noel Tijam, who retired January of this year.

Javier became the second woman selected by President Rodrigo Duterte to the SC after Rosmari Carandang in November 2018.

On an interview with the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) last year, Javier said Duterte is “not an enemy of women”

“I do not see the President as an enemy of women, I see him as a person who respects and loves his late mother, who he credits to have unconditionally loved him, and brought out the leader that he is,” Javier said when queried if the President’s “predilection for male appointees” would be a drawback on her chances of being selected for the post.

Javier further added, “I would like to see him as a father who cares for his daughters, a person who founded several shelters for abused women and for children who are girls who are victims of incest.”

“I see the President to be reasonable and I am confident that if I be accorded the honor of being nominated for the post, the President will pass upon my qualifications on the merits and not because I am a woman and not a man,” she concluded.

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