Duterte may soon visit US, says Locsin

Duterte may soon visit US, says Locsin

“The exact details, the arrangements that will be made, the specific dates will have to wait for the end of elections,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr said last Friday that Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte may soon visit the United States for a state appointment.

Duterte has restored the country’s foreign policy by befriending China and Russia while vowing to scale down joint military exercises with the US. Yet Duterte’s deadly on war on drugs sparked alarms from the administration of former US President Barack Obama, resulting him to resort to verbal attacks against the former US leader.

Contrasting Obama however, current US President Trump has adored good relations with the Philippine President. Trump has yet to publicly disapprove the Philippine leader’s war on drugs that has been blamed for thousands of deaths.

“President Duterte has been repeatedly invited to go to the US. We have conveyed this to the President he is aware of it. He has a very strong affection for President Trump,” Locsin added.

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