Duterte: If we can’t be self-reliant, we can be a US territory or China’s province

METRO MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said that if the country can’t stand on its own feet, it might as well choose between becoming a territory of the United States or a province of China
The statement comes after Manila has pulled out its Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States. VFA allows Joint training operations of American and Filipino troops in Philippine territory. “
In the Republic of the Philippines, do you need a powerful country, the most powerful country at that, the United States? Do we need America to survive as a nation? Do we need America now to fight a rebellion in the entire country? Do we need their arms?”
“ We can be a territory of the Americans or we can be a province of China,” Duterte said, speaking at the oath-taking of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts officials and presentation of Ani ng Dangal awardees.
The President also reiterated that the termination of the 20 years old agreement was mainly due to America’s meddling in Philippine affairs.
President Donald Trump said he does not mind the termination of the agreement as it will save American ‘tons of money’.

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