Duterte doubts timely US support if Philippines comes under attack


President Duterte is uncertain of the timely assistance from the United States if the Philippines ever comes under attack.

Duterte made the remark within the fresh reports of China’s aggression around Philippine-occupied territories in the West Philippine Sea.

Given a speaking engagement during PDP-Laban’s campaign rally in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan on Thursday night, the President stressed that the US Congress would have to give its concurrence first before it can deploy troops to go to war.

“As you know in America, they can declare war but they have to get the permission of Congress of the United States of America. If not to give out?” Duterte said.

He noted that he was certain the Americans would be true to their words and would help in time of war as it has pledged in the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty.

“But will that help be on time? That’s the problem,” he further elaborated.

Duterte also asked China to “lay off” Pag-asa Island within reports of a surge in the number Chinese vessels sailing near the area.

Dutertre concluded that he would be asking his soldiers to go on a “suicide mission” against the Asian powerhouse should the latter overstep in Philippine territory.

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