Duterte bugged by cockroach during speech


President Rodrigo Duterte’s impulsive speeches often has bombshell assertions and to the surprise came in the form of a cockroach moseying by the president’s shoulders.

The roach clung up on Duterte as he was eulogizing the virtues of the candidates, whom he endorsed for next week’s midterm polls at a campaign rally late Wednesday.

While an aide tried and failed to scrape the critter away with some papers, still Duterte brushed it aside as the government broadcast cut to a smiling but perplexed audience in the central city of Bohol.

Duterte, who was nearing the end of his roughly 90-minute address, joked that the insect belongs to the opposition party.

The president’s criticizers took to Twitter to make fun of his close encounter with the roach, which is more commonly seen scurrying over trash.

“The cockroach must have realized that duterte is the trashiest trash it has ever seen,” wrote @andy_crush.

“And I never thought I would say this but GOOD JOB EXPOSING THAT TRASH, DEAR COCKROACH,” @keeyaaraaa posted.

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