Duterte blasts drug war critics, seeks ‘ mutual respect ‘ between nations

This image is about Duterte blasts drug war critics

President Rodrigo Duterte justified his drug war once again before other world leaders and prominent think tanks, stressing that the Philippines “want unhindered freedom” as a nation.

Duterte also expressed his thanks to President Vladimir Putin and reassured the country’s commitment to a “strong and comprehensive partnership” with Russia in his address to the plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia.

He said that some “so-called friends” behave as if they understand the responses to the problem of the Philippines and he said that some of their partners have raised unjust criticism of my government over perceived drug excesses.

“The misguided and self-sufficient cruising of the few,” Duterte said he is tired and that it is time to challenge him.

He said that he was not against America or the West, but emphasized: “there must always be respect for the values of regard for government sovereignty, non-intervention and a peaceful settlement of conflicts; otherwise the order is unraveling.”

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