“Duque, New Philhealth Director for Appointing Soon Duterte”

President Rodrigo Duterte

Duqueshared that the president is eyeing to name Morales’ replacement within the week in a press briefing in Laguna after the launch of a COVID-19 mega quarantine facility over there. Hopefully will have a new president of PhilHealth within the week.

Following Duterte’s advice, Morales resigned to step down because of his medical condition. Duque, who also serves as Chairman of the PhilHealth board, said the President’s office is searching for someone who knows how to handle finance. PhilHealthrelies on actuarial sustainability.

Morales, a retired military general, is seeking lymphoma treatment and applied for medical leave as the state health insurance company faces various investigations about the suspected massive corruption in its scheme. Duterte recently directed the Department of Justice to lead an inter-agency task force to investigate PhilHealthofficialsregardingcorruptionallegations that have been discovered recently. Among the allegations raised were the procurement of allegedly overpriced IT equipment; an allegedly questionable release of funds under the Interim ReimbursementMechanism (IRM) of the corporation; and alleged manipulation of the financial status of the corporation;

A story circulating that A regional office in PhilHealthconvertedinto a nightclub. But this was how a study by the Senateidentified one of the many shenanigans among Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) errant officials.

Senator Richard Gordon delivered the Senate blue ribbon committee study in an online interview with reporters on Tuesday that included the results of his 2019 inquiry into the suspected fraud and corruption inside the state-run health insurer. Gordon raised this incident during one of the entire hearings of the Senate committee on fresh allegations of corruption inside PhilHealth

Gordon’s committee recommended the lodging of charges against Perez for alleged violation of the 2012 Enhanced Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and the Public Officials and Employees Code of Behaviour.

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