DTI calls for suspension of alleged Chinese-only food park in Las Piñas

Department of Trade and Industry

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) suggested that Las Piñas administration suspend operations over a food park in the city which ostensibly only catered to Chinese nationals.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez directed a random inspection of China Food City on Thursday, May 9.

While Lopez found no discrimination “since there were Filipino customers” during his visit, the DTI stated the stalls in the food park do not have the proper permits.

Lopez requested local officials of Las Piñas City to appraise China Food City’s business permit and check if it also covers the 30 stalls there. Adding it would mean that they should have a common receipt.

The concessionaires, nevertheless, had different receipts which were written in Chinese characters. DTI stated this indicates they do not have the proper individual business permits and official receipts from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

DTI also found that food wastes were dumped in canals and a nearby creek, noting from the lack of proper sanitation permits as well as a proper waste disposal and waste treatment facility.

DTI found out said 5 foreign-looking workers were spotted leaving the food park upon their arrival, “which suggested that they didn’t have the proper workers’ permits.”

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