DOJ CIDG additional time for re-investigating in “ninja police”

This image is about DOJ grants CIDG additional time

Five additional days of proof of resumed prosecution of the dismissed lawsuit against police officers alleged to be involved in drug recycling were issued to the CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) by the Department of Justice (DOJ) Promoters.

On Wednesday the DOJ officially re-enquired 13 officers in connection with a 2013 Pampanga operation for drug-related purposes, claiming to have only reported a fraction of the shabu that they have confiscated in exchange for the P50 million that they have let a drug lord suspect escape.

The CIDG has accused the so-called ninja cops of misappropriating seized drugs, planting evidence and breaching the dangerous detention and disposal rule, but prosecutors have dismissed the case. The complaint has already been dismissed.

The Secretary of Justice, Menardo Guevarra, ordered a re-investigation last week, following an investigation by the Senate exposing the alleged irregularities.

The trial was held on Wednesday, with only one respondent agent. Police Major Rodney Raymundo Louie Baloyo, who was disdainfully called into detention by the Senate at New Bilibid Prison, was absent.

Colonel Joseph Orsos, CIDG’s attorney, asked the CIDG’s lawyers for a longer time to submit proof and demanded a supplementary or amending complaint from the CIDG.

Senior Police Sergeants Alcindor Tinio and Eligio Valeroso and Captain Anthony Lacsamana also requested a time for their defense to provide additional evidence.

The three-person panel of prosecutors approved and submitted their motions until 21 October.

The attorney said they would no longer file additional evidence for the rest of the police, including Baloyo.

After the hearing, Orsos stated that the CIDG had to use the Senate transcript that preceded the investigation by the DOJ as evidence.

The testimony of the participants would act as “crucial evidence.” A preliminary DOJ enquiry decides whether prosecutors are going to file a lawsuit before a jury or not.

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