DOJ chief vows fair treatment of convicts surrendering amid Duterte ultimatum


Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said on Saturday that when they return to prison, convicts surrendering under the ultimatum of President Rodrigo Duterte will receive “fair treatment.”

On Wednesday, Duterte instructed some 2,000 heinous-crime convicts to surrender within 15 days or be regarded as fugitives under the contentious GCTA law.

The GCTA, temporarily halted in the aftermath of government uproar by the justice department and the domestic prisons office, enables inmates to be released soon based on their imprisonment behaviour.

At 1 p.m. Saturday, 74 convicts have surrendered, the acting head of the national penitentiary said. Of this figure, 38 went back to Bureau of Correction facilities, while 36 turned themselves.

The Philippine National Police earlier said convicts will be put under “warrantless detention” if they do not surrender within the moment allocated to Duterte.

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