DJ Loonyo apologizes over ‘mass testing’ remarks


MANILA – After receiving public backlash for the spouting wrong and incoherent remarks on coronavirus testing during viral interview, Filipino dancer and influencer DJ Loonyo released a statement of apology, addressing the critics and explaining his side of the story.

DJ Loonyo said that he was disappointed because from the over 2 hour livestream, only 5 minutes of the conversation caught the people’s attention and made it viral.The controversy started when DJ Loonyo talks about his views and opinion regarding COVID-19 mass testing.

In trimmed five-minute video that went viral, Loonyo mistakenly equated the term mass testing with vaccine trials for COVID-19. He claims that mass testing should not be needed if the vaccine to be developed is guaranteed to be effective.

Netizens and supporters of mass testings for Covid-19 reacts to DJ Loonyo’s statement and urged him to do a thorough research of a topic before discussing about it on his platform.

DJ Loonyo then issued an official public apology and clarified his position saying there was misunderstanding of the terms used in the question. He said that he was actually not talking about “Covid Mass Testing” but was actually referring to “CLINICAL TRIALS”.The DJ and dancer said he is aware of his influence and platform and reiterated that he did not mean to spread misinformation.

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