DEPW to cover all open manholes in the town ; missing boy’s corpse discovered


THE Cebu City Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) will perform an inventory of all damaged manholes in the city on Monday, July 15, 2019.

Five-year-old John Clark Ebua dropped into an open box culvert while playing in the rain at Sitio Exoville, Barangay Basak-Pardo last Saturday evening, July 13. His body was discovered in the barangay near the Tagunol Bridge opening around 5:45 p.m. It was last Sunday.

Kenneth Carmelita Enriquez, head of DEPW, said that their maintenance division received applications for replacement of manhole and canal covers from multiple barangays, but there was no request from Barangay Basak-Pardo.

They’re going to cover open manholes with steel plates while they’re waiting for permanent replacements to arrive.

They have a plan installing signages to warn the people that a certain area is dangerous, especially cross drains areas. Usually cross drains do not have covers.

Meanwhile, City Councilor Dave Tumulak, chairman of the risk reduction commission, said Ebua was already dead when rescuers fished his body out of the water after almost 27 hours of looking.

The kid falls is about four by 40 meters in length.

Members of the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, with other rescue units, started their retrieval operation past 2 p.m last saturday.

Barangay Captain Catalina Cabardo said that 1:45 p.m. on Sunday, rescuers transferred their focus from the culvert to its exit point in Tagunol Bridge, approximately a kilometer away.

According to her, they did not receive reports from site officials about an uncovered box culvert in the region.

Cabardo said the kid might have been unfamiliar with the region because he was from Kinsang-an’s nearby barangay.

Meanwhile, Cabardo assured that she would meet with her council to address the problem.

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