“COVID-yantes: Filipino Comedians Supporting Frontliners to the Next Level ”

“COVID-yantes: Filipino Comedians Supporting Frontliners to the Next Level ”

Filipinos are known for being positive and resilient when facing challenges. From natural disasters like typhoon, earthquake and many more difficulties, Filipinos will always show their happy face through their genuine smiles because they know that brighter days are coming.

There are many Filipino comedians who bring laughter, inspiration, and happiness to the viewers whenever they air their respective shows on Philippine television. These people can’t deny the challenge everyone is facing right now battling the pandemic coronavirus.

The prolonged quarantine has seen many artists performing online concerts, sharing their exercise or TikTok videos, making mini-teleseries, cooking or baking, cutting hair and sending hearty spoken messages — but this time the comedians gather to bring fun and laughter to their followers? Looks like waiting isn’t long enough.

Janno Gibbs has recently entertained his fans on his Instagram page with a series of funny pictures of some celebrities making faces with the hashtag # COVIDyante at the camera.

The actor posted it on his IG story with the title, “Covidians Against Veerus Dream Viber Party,” revealing they are cooking up for a cause.

The top comedians in the country have joined forces to spread good vibes and positivity among the enhanced population quarantine.

Using their respective social media accounts, former Mayor of Quezon City Herbert Bautista, Vhong Navarro, Janno Gibbs, Ai Ai delas Alas, Bayani Agbayani and Ogie Alcasid lead “COVIDyante,” a group of Pinoy comedians or “COVIDians,” whose goal is to spread happiness, awareness, and support during this time of crisis.

They have launched a challenge using #punchlinersforfrontliners, encouraging their fellow Pinoy comedians to show their gratitude to all frontliners of COVID-19.

They added that it was brothers Gene and Dennis Padilla who thought of the concept of bringing together all Philippine comedians for a friendly group chat and designing potential events for us to support people in need during the pandemic.

As Gene Padilla developed the group Viber, it started with the boys (first batch picture collage) then added Ai-Ai de las Alas and I (second batch collage) and now we are adding more to the family.

The group hopes to contribute more by spreading positive vibes through laughter which is said to be the best medicine after all.

This is great to see people join together in times of crisis. Comedians reaching out, always up and going, finding opportunities to continue to bring happiness and help people deal with daily challenges. Particularly during times like these, it is important for us to contribute in such a way that we can reduce everyone’s stress even through our little online ways.

Showing their bubbly personalities, funny gestures and positive encouragements for every frontliners, many netizens enjoyed and shared their posts through their social media accounts knowing that it takes to be resilient and supportive in times of crisis.

Resilience is embracing your current life, even if it’s less good than the one you previously had.

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