“Commission on Higher Education:Premature, to Sanction UST, NU as Order Issued for Show-Cause”


The Higher Education Commission (CHED) will send a show-cause notice to Santo Tomas University and national University about their training camps held in Sorsogon and Laguna, respectively, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

For potential violation of quarantine protocols, both the UST men’s basketball team and the women’s volleyball team are in hot water. The purpose of the show-cause order is to ensure that the investigation is conducted properly, and although we received the university’s written response in our report, we described what was likely, as you know, CHED advisories that may have been violated, CHED Commissioner Prospero De Vera said during an online press conference by the joint AdministrativeOrder (JAO) group for sports.

De Vera said the object of the show-cause order is to give the two universities an opportunity to justify themselves before making a decision. That’s why the show-cause order is intended to make them respond. Let’s not talk here about fines. We want to explain about potential breaches based on the CHED advisories that were focused on the IATF.

While De Vera pointed out that both schools have “no doubt” that the training camps had been held and are “factual incidents,” De Vera stressed that it is still “premature” to draw conclusions at this stage without the existence of an order of show-cause. They can not determine sanctions until we can decide if breaches have actually been committed. But it’s premature to say now that CHED will prosecute or there will be fines waiting. We are going to read the reaction to the show-cause order, he said. The case has entered the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government ( DILG) with the two government departments entrusted with the task of looking into the matter further.

Well, it’s going to be the next move the due process demands that they are made to respond to any potential breaches that’s why the commission has a show-cause order, De Vera said. And that is why they are bringing the fact-finding to the Justice Department and the DILG so that they can inquire into the suspected violations under the IATF law.

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