Comelec: Ballots not pre-shaded contrary to video posted online


Commission in Elections (Comelec) officials on Thursday denied allegations that the official ballots for the May 13 midterm polls had been pre-shaded with ultraviolet (UV) marks. These UV marks are among the security features of the official ballots for the elections.

“We tested, but the supposed UV marks were not read by the vote-counting machine. The VCM actually looks for black ink—the real ink, not invisible,” stated Jose Tolentino Jr., Comelec executive director, at a press briefing.

Tolentino issued the statement after a video was supposedly uploaded online and showed a ballot with UV marks for certain candidates, “It was obviously a staged video because the ballot that was used did not have the QR (Quick Response) code.”

The alleged paper was also not an official ballot because it did not bear other security marks, he cited.

There were no UV marks were placed on any oval on the official ballots and even if there were, they would not be read by the VCM, as the poll official noted.

Comelec earlier stated it may hold individuals liable for those who engage in “dishonorable acts of dishonesty” that negate public trust in the processes of the country’s democratic elections.

In the interim, Comelec deposited in escrow the source codes of the lingering components of the automated election system at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on Thursday.

These source codes are for the rebuild of the operating system image for the Consolidation and Canvassing System that will be used in newly purchased laptops and printers, transmission router and the domain name server janitor

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