Chuzon Supermarket Collapse in Porac due to multiple violations — DPWH

This image is about Chuzon Supermarket Collapse in Porac

A task force of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has found multiple violations that caused the collapse of Chuzon Supermarket in April following a 6.1-magnitude earthquake in Porac, Pampanga.

According to Chino Gaston’s Thursday article on 24 Oras, the results of the investigation by the task force showed that the supermarket collapse was triggered by the earthquake’s power.

The DPWH found that there was no seismic testing in Chuzon’s building plan, a measure measuring the reliability of a structure’s architecture in the event of an earthquake.

Also, the building’s final configuration did not follow the modifications suggested in the building plan submitted.

The norm was not reached by six of the eight cement samples taken from the collapsed building.

In the meantime, Chuzon also had no papers, licenses, nor intentions to do so.

The task force also recommended that charges be filed against supermarket management.

In a statement, Chuzon’s attorney said that the DPWH results are still to be reviewed, adding that the supermarket owner is not aware of the said violations.

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