Cherie Gil marks Ian Veneracion as a real person of the Renaissance

Cherie Gil

Veteran actress Cherie Gil lately witnessed the concert of fellow celebrity Ian Veneracion and called him a real Renaissance man.

Gil took pictures of Veneracion from his concert to social media and commended him for staying real and kind.

Gil added that when she was invited by her friend Mary Anne Gomez, she did not hesitate to go to the concert and was pleased to do so.

The actress was sure that she saw a real Renaissance man with so much to share. She stated that Veneracion’s song choices were perfect but more than that he sincerely welcomed all of the people into his world of beautiful myriad of colors.

Last 2018, Veneration’s first concert took place in Resorts World. However, he communicated in a report last June that this concert would have a distinct strategy. He also said he is open to performing as long as people are interested to watch his shows.

Veneracion surely went on to demonstrate that he can hold his own as a musician and singer on stage for someone who used to be afraid of singing in front of many individuals.

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