Catriona Gray ‘a little’ emotional’ about passing Miss Universe Philippines crown

Catriona Gray

MANILA, Philippines – Catriona Gray, the Miss Universe 2018 queen is back in Manila, and one of her first activities was the “Frontrow and Universe Give Back” charity gala held at the Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, June 4.

Reporters asked Catriona at the red carpet on how she felt about passing the Miss Universe Philippines crown to her successor on June 9.

“I am going to feel a little bit emotional because this is really where it all began. This is where I was given a chance to represent the Philippines,” replied Catriona, who wore a gown by Jearson Demavivas.

“So, to be able to pass that amazing honor to the next Filipina representative, and to see how it’s going to be represented this year is very, very exciting,” she added.

Prior to Miss Universe pageant, Catriona vied in the Miss World 2016 competition, where she finished in the Top 5.

As for the quality that a representative must have to compete in Miss Universe, Catriona stated, “Really someone who makes the Philippines proud, to really share with the international audience our culture. Everything that we have to offer to the world and of course put the best foot forward and show people what the Philippines has to offer.”

Aside from the Miss Universe Philippines crown, 5 titles are at stake on Sunday night. These are: Bb Pilipinas International, Bb Pilipinas Supranational, Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental, Bb Pilipinas Globe, and Bb Pilipinas Grand International.

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