Can’t concentrate? You’re addicted to your world online? There’s an app to do this


We live in a globe that is distracted. Our capacity to concentrate on a single job or activity is diminishing, although many individuals are insisting that they are excellent multi-taskers.

Earl Miller, a neuroscientist, claims these individuals delude themselves.

All we do is actually divide the processing energy of our brain between functions as we move from one to the other. We are actually increasing the cognitive load on our brain.

Despite knowing all this, while writing this article, I checked my email at least 10 times. I have references from Google and followed connections to interesting rabbit holes. I felt the buzz of my phone, checking to see what the message was.

Even though we are aware of how distractions affect our productivity, we still find it hard to resist them. One of the reasons is our addiction to dopamine, a chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter and makes us feel good when it is released. Every time we receive new information we are rewarded with a rush of dopamine to the brain.

But if our digital age inventions are mainly attributable to our declining spans of attention, do they not also contain feasible alternatives. Thousands of applications indicate that this is the case.

Apple’s app store has a whole productivity app category.

It is often not efficient to simply create a digital version of a traditional instrument. What is required is ways to encourage individuals to use the instruments of productivity and to enjoy being focused and productive.

Gamification is one of the fields that I have been engaged in research. Gamification applies game concepts and mechanics to encourage involvement, such as the earning of badges and the use of leaderboards. Kahoot is a common instance of that. Through leaderboards, music and countdown timers, quizzes are played.

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