Buboy claims Roach has no more say when Pacquiao’s gloves should hang


Manny Pacquiao will not retire quickly at any time. And Buboy Fernandez feels that he can best tell when the newly minted WBA welterweight super champion should consider calling it quits.

In Manila, Pacquiao brushed off suggestions from trainer Freddie Roach that he should consider reducing the curtains on a Hall-of-Fame career.

Fernandez, who in his last three battles acted as Pacquiao’s principal handler, was even more challenging, stating Roach has no say in the matter.

Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman in an action-packed about last Saturday (Manila Sunday) by splitting the choice to become the oldest champion of welterweight in history.

Pacquiao definitely looked as if he was far from the end of his life in the battle against Thurman, where he scored a knockdown in the first round and stopped his foe’s rally with a powerful 10th round.

Fernandez thinks that in the future Pacquiao can still summon the same sort of performance.

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