BTS’s V reveals that he is suffering from cholinergic urticaria

BTS Kim Tae-hyung

BTS’s V shared with his fans that he is suffering from cholinergic urticaria—a sort of hives triggered by rises in body temperature.

On July 14, V replied to a fan’s post on BTS Weverse the new worldwide fan community of the group by revealing that he was currently experiencing the symptoms of his chronic illness.

Cholinergic urticaria, most frequently observed in young adults, is a form of skin rash that typically appears as a number of tiny, itchy red bumps. In serious instances, in relation to itching, the hives may trigger a stinging feeling, and the disease may also trigger abdominal pain, dizziness, or difficulty breathing.

Because cholinergic urticaria is caused by an increase in body temperature, the disease may happen for a number of reasons: exercising, taking a warm bath or shower, or even emotional stress.

Shortly after V made his post on BTS Weverse, cholinergic hives started trending on various Korean portal sites as fans attempted to know more about the disease, and the search term ultimately reached No. 1 in Naver’s real-time search rankings.


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