Bodies of two out of three Pinoys missing from Taiwan Bridge Found

This image is about Taiwan Bridge

The Manila Economic and Cultural Authority (MECO) said Wednesday that two of the three Filipinos who had been reported missing since a bridge collapsed in Taiwan have recovered.

After a bridge crashed in Taiwan, six individuals, including three Philippinos, had previously disappeared and dropped in the fishing ships lodged under it.

According to the Taiwanese officers, the collapse of a bridge that trafficed across the busy fishing port affected three fishing ships, as well as two cars, including the tanker, although the reasons for this crash were not instantly apparent in clear weather.

Banayo has already notified the families of the two Filipinos of their fatalities. He said the victims ‘ names could not yet be disclosed.

Banayo said that the MECO is going to assist in the return to the Philippines of the two victims.

Besides the assistance of government agencies from the Philippines, Banayo said some Taiwanese donate to victims ‘ families as well.

Banayo said that the rusting wires and powerful winds of the suspension bridge the night before, because of the Mittag typhoon, are deemed the reasons for the crash.

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