Blackpink’s world trip in Sydney has left this PH fan teary-eyed


At 10:30 a.m. on June 14, I reached the Sydney Domestic airport after two-and-a-half hours airline flight from Brisbane . I was hoping to start to see Blackpink, one among K-pop’s biggest girl groups, there at the airport. Although I didn’t, it’s alright, I thought. I was gonna see the group the next day at the music show, anyway. It absolutely was the only reason I was in Sydney.

Blackpink—the four-member South Korean girl group made of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosè and then Lisa—had visited sixteen countries which includes my home country, the Philippines, before have finally bringing their “In Your Area” World Tour to Australia.

The music show wasn’t gonna start until eight p .m ., but as early as the night before, fans before arranged outside Qudos Bank Arena. Many of them were in their early 20s (but there were also the younger fans with their parents , as well as older fans).

Blackpink opened up with it is hit song, “Ddu Du Ddu Du,” in a flurry of pink smoke. Everybody around me sang along to each and every incomprehensible Korean word and then moved his/her pyong bong (Blackpink’s light stick) to the beat of the song. It didn’t problem if I was singing the wrong lyrics.

Time looked like to cross as the grouping performed much more of its hits: “Forever Young,” “Stay,” and then “Whistle” (while shining rainbow lights supporting Pride Month). Then came up the time for solo stage performances. At first was Rosè’s, who sang a cover of Skylar Grey’s “I’m Coming Back Home.” When I found out that she also sang this favorite songs in Melbourne, her hometown where she grew up, I almost cried.

“Stay with us, Blinks,” they said before singing their last song, “Stay.” It’s one among my favorite Blackpink songs more than just because of the attractive melody and then lyrics, but because it speaks a lot about the relationship between Blinks (fandom) and then Blackpink.

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