“Ben & Ben: Seeing a Face of Hope in Unprecedented Times”

“Ben & Ben: Seeing a Face of Hope in Unprecedented Times”

In these uncertain times, it’s challenging to be positive and be assured that everything will be okay soon. It’s a deal to be strong and steadfast with this pandemic crisis in order to overcome a lot of things.

Knowing this, the Filipino band, Ben & Ben has set a new perspective in times like this. They shared that hope has become too difficult to locate, as in our houses, schools, and particularly on the streets, we are still surrounded by darkness. Yet there are those on the frontline in this darkness with their relentless bravery, and with hope as their banner.

The doctors, nurses, and employees at the hospital, our police and troops, retail and restaurant personnel, public street workers, and so many other front liners are beacons of light that give us hope even though the road ahead is dark. They see the face of optimism in every one of them.

They recently “taken charge” of National Geographic Asia’s social media page, during which they have shared pictures for frontlines worldwide. The web prank was called “# CreateHope.” The streetlamp, dawn, dusk, etc. photographs — credited to band members Pat Lasaten, Andrew de Pano, and Toni Moons — have spirit-enhancing captions.

Light is the energy feeling on a loved one’s embrace. It’s the calm at night when we fall asleep realizing that tomorrow is another day to live, do it better, change, learn to forgive. It’s the overwhelming happiness and warmth knowing that we aren’t alone in our fights. Light has many ways but in the end, we know there is hope where there is light.

The musical group quoted their album’s title, “Limasawa Lane,” saying that the word “Masawa” is Butuanon, meaning “moon.”

For them seeing front liners and knowing life from their viewpoint and studying their culture and language allowed us to open our hearts and minds and think more about what it means to be a member of society.

The group shared that they took pictures of the setting and the sceneries whilst on tour to remind them of the locations and people they’ve seen later.

However, looking at the pictures in the light of the pandemic, Ben&Ben also showed the photographs to tell people who they are fighting for and what they are fighting for.

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