Barretto’s Family Feud

This image is about Barretto’s Family Feud

The ongoing feud between the sisters of Barretto during their father’s wake last year is just the latest in their long history of family spat.

Gretchen, who had been a stranger to her family for years, attended the Barretto Patriarch’s wake on October 16. President Rodrigo Duterte was also present and reportedly told Gretchen to amend her sister Marjorie.

Marjorie allegedly refused to shake hands, and the sisters soon took control of the social media. On Friday, news circulated that Claudine was brought to the hospital due to dizziness after another reported battle with Marjorie.

Later, the name of the businessman Atong Ang was pulled into the mess. On Monday, he explained his friendship with the sisters Gretchen and Claudine and their niece Nicole.

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