Anne Curtis narrates Gong Yoo face to face

This image is about Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis was apparently still over the moon on Monday as she narrated her dream of coming face-to-face with South Korean superstar Gong Yoo.

In social media, the actress has made no secret of her K-drama obsession, with Gong Yoo a frequent subject of her “killing” tweets.

She finally met the “Goblin” star in person over the weekend and even exchanged pleasures during an event organized by French luxury brand Louis Vuitton in South Korea.

Curtis, who would even be re-posting online fan-edited photos showing her with Gong Yoo, recalled that she was able to contain her excitement when she asked him to have a real photo together.

She said that she had to modulate her usually high-pitched voice in order to appear calmer during the interaction. Luckily, she said, Gong Yoo was “very, very nice” and agreed to pose for the snap.

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