“An Offer and Supply of Help for COVID-19 Leads Duterte to be Thankful for Russia”

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte thanked Russia for an offer to provide a COVID-19 vaccine once it became available late Monday evening.

Duterte has repeatedly shared that before a vaccine is created, Filipinoswillhave to comply with authorities implementing quarantine protocols and bear the consequences of the pandemic. He also said that he was very pleased that the vaccine was supplied by Russia and they’re not thinking about any payment or tax.

The president also appointed Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to check out the best guy to be assigned the [task of handling] vaccine technology transition.
In other reports, Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Igor Khovaev says over the weekend that Russia has produced a safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccine and is just waiting for the Philippines to approve its COVID-19 vaccine.

He added the applications were filed with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines. It means that they are ready to combine their efforts, They are ready to make the required investments with their partners in the Philippines and Russia are ready to share their technologies simply because they want to create a strong partnership between the two nations.

The president has also said the vaccine will be distributed by September or October worldwide. Phase 1 of clinical trials typically requires 20 to 100 participants, and continue for “several months,” according to recommendations on clinical trials provided by the U.S. Food and Medication Management.

Phase 2 will include “up to several hundred people with [or] illness” which can last from several months to two years. Phase 3 clinical trials include “300 to 3,000 people with the disease or disorder,” which can take between one and four years.

Phase 4 trials involving “several thousand volunteers which test for safety and efficacy. Through this, leaders are hoping that the vaccine will have a good result to any patient that will be injected by this medication.

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