‘All clear’: Maritoni Fernandez elated over MRI results


MANILA – Maritoni Fernandez was elated she received good news on Monday after the results of her MRI exam came back stating all clear.

Fernandez noted she had her chest area checked “to be thorough” because her 20th anniversary as a cancer survivor is coming up soon.

“Praise God! All clear thank you Lord,” she wrote over a post on Instagram.

Fernandez, nevertheless, related that it wasn’t actually easy to lay flat inside the machine for a couple of minutes without being allowed to move an inch.

“It’s truly a test of a different kind! Thank goodness for ear muffs, a crazy fun imagination like mine and the fact that I’m not claustrophobic,” she stated.

Ecstatic with how her test came out, Fernandez cited she looking forward to more years of healthy living.

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