Albayalde refuses “selective purification” of PNP

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Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police General Oscar Albayalde on Wednesday denied the claim of Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong Jr. regarding the “selective cleansing” in the police force.

In an interview on Dobol B sa News TV, Albayalde explained that the policemen who were supposedly involved in the reselling of seized drugs in Pampanga in 2013 were never favored.

Albayalde noted that Magalong’s claim on selective justice in the PNP was refused by documents, stating these were simply allegations.

Albayalde also said that these policemen were strictly monitored.

Magalong, the former head of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, reported at a Senate hearing on Tuesday that cops who were administratively accused of grave wrongdoing had eventually been in the PNP in a coated position.

Magalong said that, although the police officers concerned had been originally suggested, they were maintained in a rank demoted manner.

Police lieutenant Colonel Rodney Raymundo Louie Baloyo has never been a police chief, who led police officers during the contentious drug raid in Pampanga.

Albayalde claims that, while he was in Mindanao baloyo became a deputy provincial operations director.

Baloyo was only deployed in region IV-A to become a deputy police chief. He added.

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