After delay, the vinyl release of Eraserheads was lastly scheduled for Q4

This image is about the vinyl release of Eraserheads

Musician Ely Buendia tweeted those two phrases last September 26 after Eraserheads ‘ debut “Ultraelectromagneticpop”‘s much-expected vinyl repression lastly came after a delay of nearly a year.

Last 2018 was the Eraserheads ‘ debut album’s 25th anniversary. The vinyl version was scheduled to celebrate the seminal release that opened the door for the general public to hear a variety of Filipino alternative bands. However, according to the manufacturers of the vinyl album, before being approved, the record had to undergo two test presses.

On a shoestring budget, “Ultraelectromagneticpop” was registered and the output did not seem very good.

Officials from Sony Music Philippines are presently finalizing plans to produce and distribute the album that is said to have a restricted run of 2,5000 copies. Word has it the record this October or early November will lastly go on sale.

“Ultraelectromagneticpop” is said to have sold more than 100,000 units in its first release. It’s not the largest selling albums of the Eraserheads, though. Their third offering, “Cutterpillow,” is the fifth best-selling album in the history of Original Pilipino Music with numbers of more than 400,000. “Circus,” the second album, sold more than 200,000 copies and “Eraserheads Anthology” sold nearly the same number as well.

The best-selling OPM albums are ever owned by pop singer Jose Marin Chan whose records of “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Constant Change” have shifted almost a million units each.

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