African swine fever remains free of Visayas, Mindanao: agri department

This image is about African swine fever

African swine fever remains free of Visayas, Mindanao: Agri department.

The state is providing P3,000 cash assistance for each culled pig and a P30,000 zero-interest loan payable to hog raisers in three years, he said.

African swine fever in pigs causes hemorrhagic fever that ends in death almost always. Human and other pets are not contagious, officials said previously.

Pork accounts for 60 percent of meat consumption in the Philippines, the 8th largest volume producer of pork in the world, estimated at P260 billion in its pig sector.

Authorities suspect instances of swine fever arising from backyard hog raisers feeding “swill” pigs, hotels and restaurants leftover food scraps.

The department of agriculture added that the virus could also be traced to smuggled frozen meat and the return of Filipino employees from abroad who brought back infected meat products.

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