“A Man Crack on Sirens, Blinkers and Fake documents that made Him put to Jail”

“A Man Crack on Sirens, Blinkers and Fake documents that made Him put to Jail”

All Quarantine Control Points (QCP) established by the Local Government Units must be overseen by the Philippine National Police to ensure uniform implementation of the prescribed Enhanced Community Quarantine Enforcement Guideline.

Following instructions from PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco F Gamboa, a memorandum was circulated by Police Major General Emmanuel Luis D Licup, PNP Director for Operations, to all Regional Police Directors, ordering PNP Unit Commanders and Police Chiefs to ensure that all City, Municipal and Barangay Local Governments established Quarantine Control Points.

Since it was established, the government and assigned officials started in getting strict with every cities, barangays, and possible ways of checkpoints to minimize the undesirable contact of people and to practice better social distancing.

Unfortunately, a man named Roy del Rosario was detained at around 1 p.m. Passing through Camp Aguinaldo alongside Edsa. His sports utility vehicle was impounded, having a commemorative plate with the logo of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) but no license plate.

Police observed that this man was traveling to Ortigas C5 from Luzon Avenue and further on to Nepa Q Mart. When intercepted outside the military camp, Del Rosario submitted a document allegedly signed by Secretary Eduardo Año of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Lieutenant General Guillermo Eleazar, Commander of the Covid Shield Joint Task Force and Deputy Chief of Operations of the PNP, and Head of the Highway Patrol Division (HPG), Eliseo Cruz, directly inspected the car and questioned Del Rosario. Eleazar learned from DILG undersecretary Jonathan Malaya that Del Rosario’s certification was falsified.

He used a siren and when challenged, became too rude. When they find out that the signature in the paper is not Secretary Año’s signature, they impounded his car and lodge criminal charges against him including forgery of official records and ECQ breach (enhanced collective quarantine).

Through this the PNP has launched a ban on non-essential voyages against private vehicles. Since then, the HPG has seized over 100 private cars that were driven or transported outside the residence by unauthorized individuals.

Even in this kind of implementation to reduce the risk of infection through strick checkpoints in quarantine, there are still people who are compromising in order to get and do what they want.

As for this man, he wanted to go somewhere but due to his dishonesty, it shows the truth of this quote; “It’s easy to make excuses for the lack of self-discipline but excuses don’t get you anywhere.

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