A frustrated Trump lashes out at impeachment probe


An angry Donald Trump said Friday that he welcomes the prospect of an impeachment trial, as the U.S. leader laughed at “crazy” and “corrupt” opponents trying to find potential abuse of presidential power.

After a week of dramatic testimony of impeachment from current and former officials in the administration, and embarrassed Trump took a favorite broadcaster to air a lengthy, often incoherent list of grievances — against the FBI, its political opponents, members of the impeachment investigation, the “deep state,” and more.

“These people are sick,” Trump raged down Fox’s telephone line at the beginning of a 53-minute tirade that showed how angry and unsettled he was by an investigation into an impeachment that threatens his presidency.

Multiple witnesses accused the president of manipulating much-needed military assistance and a coveted White House meeting on Ukraine investigating his political rivals in often damning testimony under oath.

But with many clearly unmoved Republicans, Trump bashed the testimony as “total nonsense” and said he welcomed the opportunity to defend himself.

“Frankly, I want a jury,” Trump said to Fox and Friends on the morning show.

Impeachment becomes more and more likely in the coming weeks or months in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

Yet removing him from office in the Republican-controlled Senate would require conviction by a two-thirds majority.

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