93% of the Filipinos see it important to regain control of the China-occupied islands – SWS


Ninety-three percent of Filipinos think it is essential for the state to regain control over China-occupied West Philippine Sea (WPS) islands, based on a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey.

In the study, 1,200 Filipino adults were asked if they think it is essential to give back to the Philippines the control of the islands that China presently occupies in the West Philippine Sea.

The Seventy-four percent of participants replied that it is very important, while 19 percent said it was somewhat essential.

On the other hand, one percent replied that it is not essential at all and four percent were undecided on the problem.

The study also questioned whether particular public movements and projects are correct or incorrect in resolving the WPS conflict between the Philippines and China. Four particular operations were evaluated, submitted in random order.

The study reveals that 89 percent said it was not correct for the government to leave China alone with its infrastructure and military presence in the claimed regions.

Meanwhile, 92 percent said it was correct for the government to reinforce the military capability of the Philippines, particularly the Navy. Eighty-three percent of the participants also said it was correct for the government.

Lastly, 84 percent said it is correct for the government to create partnerships with other nations that are prepared to assist us defend our safety in the West Philippine Sea. The study used face-to-face interviews with 1,200 Filipino adolescents nationwide and has a sampling error margin of ±3 percent for domestic percentages.

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