5 minutes from Cubao to Makati doable through ‘truly fast’ lane

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MANILA, Philippines — Brig. Gen. Roberto Fajardo, Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) director, stated on Monday that various government agencies were meeting regularly to make the President’s promise a reality.

With proposals to decongest Edsa traffic was to move the motorcycle lane beside the two bus lanes. Ironically, Fajardo proclaimed the plan during a motorcycle safety event in which the PNP-HPG and Angkas Philippines signed a deed of donation for 50 motorcycle helmets.

“If you notice, the motorcycle lane is on the fast lane. We will move that into the third lane. It would be beside the two bus lanes.”

Moving the motorcycle lane would make the “fast lane… truly fast. The motorcycles would not need to take away space and constantly dodge fast-moving cars,” Fajardo added.

He maintained that the five-minute travel time was doable if traffic laws were strictly enforced, adding: “We will do our best [to comply with President Duterte’s directive] .”

“If the President says it, we will do it. It’s that simple. How we’ll do it? [That’s a] secret,” he concluded.

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