450 families lose homes in QC fire

450 families lose homes in QC fire

A fire broke out at around 10:30 am at Barangay San Antonio in Quezon City on Tuesday that destroyed 150 houses and displaced 450 families. Reports state that the source may have been caused by an unattended cooking stove. After levelling houses for five hours, the fire was declared under control past 3 p.m.

Five people which included two firefighters sustained some injuries. No deaths, however, were reported.

An ongoing water disruption in the area allegedly made difficult for firefighters to put out the blaze said Chief Inspector Joseph del Mundo, chief of the Quezon City Fire Department. Over 50 firetrucks rushed towards the scene as inhabitants were reported trying to refill water tanks by hand.

Homes were mostly made of light materials and did not hamper the fire which spread quickly due to strong winds and humidity. The incident also devastated a sofa factory and warehouse.

Displaced residents have been relocated to a basketball court near the barangay and were tended by the local government soon after.

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