4 PUI in Dumaguete Negative Swab Test for n-CoV

4 PUI in Dumaguete Negative Swab Test for n-CoV  

Half an eight people under investigation (PUI) in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental tested negative for a novel coronavirus in a preliminary swab trial conducted by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.

Citing the Negros Oriental Provincial Health Office, three of the negative testers were in direct contact with infected Chinese couples who went to the area before being hospitalized in Manila.

Meanwhile, a PUI that tested negative has a history of traveling to Hong Kong.

Despite the good news, the four had to undergo another round of swelling tests to make sure they were actually cleared from the virus before being released.

The first two cases of novel coronavirus infection in the Philippines were two Chinese tourists traveling from Hong Kong to Cebu and Dumaguete on January 21. The virus died and 28,000 more were infected.

One of them died on Saturday and became the first deadly case outside China were more than 600 died and 28,000 others were infected.

The tourism industry in Dumaguete and other parts of Negros Oriental also received a heavy blow from the coronavirus threat as the national government banned the entry of visitors from China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

The livelihood of van drivers at Dumaguete Airport was affected by the reduced tourist arrivals.

However, the local government says protecting the public from the novel coronavirus is more important ‘because once health is in crisis, the economy collapses.

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