3 suspected drug pushers killed in separate Lucena buy-busts

3 suspected drug pushers killed in separate Lucena buy-busts

A suspected drug peddler was in a buy-bust operation in Lucena, Wednesday night. The third supposed pusher to be killed in a mere three days, police reported.

Col. Osmundo de Guzman, Quezon Province police director told suspect Joselito Salonga was shot and killed when he allegedly struggled arrest and opened fire at police officers. Events settled after vending P5,000 worth of crystal meth to a covert police officer during a bust in Barangay Market View at around 6:35 p.m.

Police cited cops were about to make the arrest when suspect drew a caliber .38 gun and shot the police officer but missed. One more cop in the scene returned fire and slew the suspect on the spot.

Earlier that day, around 10:30 another supposed drug peddler named Albert Empleo Jr., was also slain after he reportedly struggled arrest and also tried to shoot clandestine policemen during an operation in Barangay Ibabang Dupay.

Two nights earlier in Barangay 4, suspect Jun-Jun Besaen was also gunned down after he also apparently resisted and retaliated to cops.

Police told the three slain suspects were all involved in the list of local drug personalities.

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