3 stuff to think about making home the best coffee

This image is about making home the best coffee

Instant coffee is great, although it might be time to brew a cup of coffee in the name of self-care, given the issue of plastic. It doesn’t have to be costly and it doesn’t take too long, according to specialists.

Chef Vinzetta Santos of the famous Tagaytay area, Gourmet Farms, and Dana Isleta Delos Santos ask the coffee specialists.

With the launch of their drinking coffee–only a cup of P28! The two shared it takes just three things to get a wonderful cup of coffee for the discount.

The temperature of the water. They said that they don’t use newly cooked water. After rolling boiling, it will cool down for 1-2 minutes before it is poured over the coffee field. To be technical, the optimal temperature is 91-94 degrees celsius.

Quality of water. The coffee specialists suggest Gourmet Farms use mineral water rather than distilled water. They claim that minerals help to make coffee earthy.

Time to brew. Overstep coffee is one of the homebrewers ‘ greatest errors. Remember: the perfect time is four minutes. After 4 minutes, the bitter elements of the coffee are extracted, so that they can be less palatable.

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