2 suspects yield P190M shabu in buy-busts

2 suspects yield P190M shabu in buy-busts

Cebu police detained drug suspects who produced more than P190 million worth of suspected crystal meth (colloquially known as ‘shabu’) in two isolated buy-busts operations in Cebu on Sunday.  An initial police report, suspect Elymar Ancajas generated 9 larger than usual packs of meth, about 18 kilograms with an estimated Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) value of P122.4 million in a buy-bust at about 1:30 a.m., in Cebu City.

Suspect pointed to a certain woman, Jocelyn Encila of Consolacion that is north Cebu as his source. Afterwards, police conducted the operation inside a hospital in Consolacion where Encila was confined because of dehydration.

Police stated that Encila told the faux buyer to acquire the meth from her parents, Marcial and Marilyn at a subdivision complex in Barangay Casili, Consolacion. Afterwards, police seized five packs of meth each weighing about 10 kilograms with an appraised drug value of P68 million.

The couple along with seven other individuals were taken to the Consolacion Police Station for inquisition. The three children with them were turned over to the Social Welfare workers near the station.

Police stated the 28 kilograms of in custody contraband from the two suspects have an estimated drug value of P190.4 million. They added that the buy-busts stemmed from the arrest of drug suspect Danilo Flores, who yielded two kilograms of meth last February 16. Additionally, adding that a certain Rustico Igot, an inmate of the New Bilibid Prison in Manila, was Encila’s live-in partner.

Cebu police said Rustico of the Igot drug syndicate functions in Metro Cebu and in Cebu province, and somehow coordinates the movement of meth from Manila to Cebu.

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