13 killed, 41 injured Camarines Sur as truck with passengers rolls over

truck accident

MANILA — The high number of mortalities in a truck accident in Camarines Sur has risen to 13, while 41 others were injured, police stated Sunday.

Between those killed were 2 children aged 4 and 5, and a woman named Bea Locilo, who was set to be married.

The dump truck was carrying 53 passengers in the town of San Fernando on Saturday evening and was going down a mountain road when it lost control, stated Police Master Sgt. Victor Quinao.

“The truck lost control and rolled over, throwing off some of the passengers while others were crushed,” Quinao stated.

The group had just come from taking part of a Filipino tradition where a man and his family visit the home of a woman to formally ask for her hand in marriage, Quinao recalled.

“It was a dump truck used to transport soil and sand and was owned by the local government. It appears it was borrowed for the event. The passengers put improvised benches while others were standing,” stated Quinao.

Jomari Ercia, one of the passengers, noted that the truck was carrying so many people that he had to sit on the roof of the vehicle.

“It was overloaded. I just noticed that we were already bloody,” said Ercia.

Police cited they were investigating the possible liability of the driver. Six of the injured passengers still remained in the hospital.

Road accidents are in high number in the country where defectively maintained buses and poorly trained drivers form the backbone of land transport options.

A lawmaker criticized the nation’s regulators over unsafe vehicles, stating they allowed “rolling coffins” to traverse the roads.

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