1,200 new HIV cases reported in January

1,200 new HIV cases reported in January

According to the Department of Health (DOH), for the first month of 2019 cited above 1,200 new cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Seen on the January 2019 HIV- Acquired Immunodeficiency Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Registry of the Philippines, there were 1,249 new confirmed HIV cases recorded across the nation. A figure higher than the 1,021 new HIV cases cited January 2019.

16 percent or 196 cases had clinical manifestations of being advanced HIV infection or AIDS out of the total January 2019 cases. The DOH also disclosed of 22 deaths from HIV or AIDS for the month.

Sexual contact remains the chief viral transmission with 1,223 (98%). Man-to-man sex accounted for 780 cases; followed by 306 from those having bi-sexual sex; and 137 from heterosexual cases. Among the least mode of transmission was needle sharing among supposed drug users for 9 cases.

The least were 4 cases of mother-to-child transmission while another 13 cases show no data on the viral spread, said health department.

Nearly one-third (32%, 402) were from the NCR; followed by Calabarzon (18%, 228 cases); Central Luzon (9%, 114); Central Visayas (8%, 97); and Western Visayas (7%, 92), comprise the top five regions with the greatest number of newly diagnosed cases for the month. 90 overseas Filipino workers were detected with HIV, two were diseased through sexual contact.

Ever since 1984, there have been recoreded 63,278 HIV cases, with 7,294 AIDS cases and 3,076 recorded deaths

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