10,000 Grab slots filled in hours

grab transport

Grab Philippines President Brian Cu stated that they opened 10,000 slots on Monday and were filled up within hours.

Ride-hailing company, Grab Philippines asked the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to allow deactivated drivers to resume work to address demand while their company continues processing the application of 10,000 drivers.

“It’s been filled. As of, I think, 9 p.m. last night, 10,000 slots are gone, which is, I think, record-breaking because the first 10,000 slots, it took a few weeks, the next 20,000 took a few months. This new 10,000 slots took a few hours,” Cu stated on Tuesday.

Cu added the deactivation of thousands of drivers was “painful” noting that many lost their jobs and riders were also affected.

“The best scenario for the Filipino people is to have more drivers. If LTRFB will allow the deactivated drivers to resume work while it processes the application of 10,000 new drivers, that would be the best win for the Filipino people,” Cu added.

Grab disabled 5,000 drivers who failed to submit application documents on time.

“That number is different from the 8,000 that was announced last week because 3,000 were able to submit documents and because they were able to do it, they were not deactivated,” Cu added.

Cu said the 5,000 drivers could be activated once they submit the necessary documents.

“As painful and as inconvenient as this is, making sure that the vehicles of the Grab platform all have the legal basis to service passengers is very important.”

Cu, as well, gave assurances that prices would not increase.

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