10 Pinoys from Indonesia repatriated

10 Pinoys from Indonesia repatriated

After the Philippine Armed Forces-Eastern Mindanao Command performed the second leg of the Philippine-Indonesian Coordinated Patrol this year, repatriates from Indonesia were carried home.

Indonesian officials detained the repatriates, mostly from General Santos City, for illegal entry and fishing in Indonesian waters.

They were released in Manado, Indonesia, with the help of the Foreign Affairs Department and the Philippine Liaison.

Lieutenant General Felimon Santos Jr., commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command, and Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs for Mindanao Uriel Norman Garibay received the repatriates during a welcome and arrival ceremony after BRP Emilio Jacinto’s berthing.

They were subsequently handed over for processing and aid to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The Philippine-Indonesian Coordinated Patrol’s second leg took place from 17 to 23 July as an ongoing attempt by the two neighboring nations through the RP-RI Border Committee to secure the common boundary, deter maritime and maritime offences such as smuggling and piracy.

Santos stated that the coordinated maritime activities they are carrying out strengthen the relationship with Indonesia, strengthen the safety efforts and give both countries the chance to establish interoperability and strengthen collaboration in securing the boundary.

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